[Case Study] How Chris Achieved Financial Freedom & Leveled Up All Areas Of Life By Surrounding Himself With Trusted Advisors

It's Free And Takes Less Than 3 Minutes...

You started your business because you saw a timely opportunity and wanted to build a better life for yourself and your family, right?

At least that's what you had in mind, and what the gurus made you believe.

But growing your business while maintaining balance at home is a lot harder and lot less glamorous than you thought.

It feels like you're doing everything, yet things are going nowhere (most of the time).

The more mistakes you make, the more pressure you feel to PROVE you can figure it out on your own.

As men, we’re not taught to ask for help. We don’t know how to do it, so we think it always come at a price beyond what we can afford.

To make matters worse, time is flying by. You’re getting stuck, but the clock keeps ticking, and the longer you stay ISOLATED, the worse it gets. 

Where's the extraordinary life everyone talks about?

Why does it feel like you're going around and around in circles with no clear path or direction? 

And why is it every time you declare THIS is going to be the month that everything changes, you end up having the same kind of month you had before?

Let's first admit it's not working


You went your own way because you found something you were passionate about.

Yet, most days you question how you got here in the first place.

You go back and forth knowing whole heartedly that you were meant to carry out a grand vision, and questioning why you ever thought you had what it took to succeed.

Deep down, you've known you can have it all - a thriving business, an amazing love life, a happy family, good finances, and great health - but you're falling short in all areas of life right now.

How did you get here?

How do you change course?

What's the solution?

Your Vision For Your Business
& Your Life Is Not An Accident

Your big dreams are there for a reason. 
God designed you to live a life of meaning, impact, and significance. 
He gifted you with knowledge, tools, and strength to become extraordinary
in ALL areas of life - wealth, health, and relationships.

Achieving The Business & Life Of Your Dreams Starts With Breaking Free Of Isolation

It's time to stop hiding and start showing up as the authentic, raw version of you. 

Yes, with all your problems, frustrations, dreams and aspirations.

It's not enough to say "I want to be a better husband and father."

You need to surround yourself with values-driven men who will hold you accountable to showing up as the BEST version of you week-in and week-out. 

Why not do it with a board of trusted and unbiased advisors by your side? Men who will support you with the knowledge, connections, and insights you need to achieve success & significance.

Iron Sharpen Iron Mastermind

A Virtual Business Mastermind For Growth Minded Men
A band of BROTHERS. A powerful allied group that marches with you through life.

When you’re “at war,” WE are at war.

When you are weak, WE offer strengths.

And we need YOU!

We need your strengths.

We ALL have weaknesses and shortcomings. It’s the way everybody is made.

You have a unique gift that’s meant to bless the world.

And no matter what you’ve done with it up to now ... 

… you still have it.

It’s still valuable, and you can still find the pathway to using it for good.
It's Free And Takes Less Than 3 Minutes...

Business & Personal Transformation

"ISI is a safe place where men help me accomplish my goals by calling out my blind spots and holding me accountable to the best version of me."

Brian McRae

"As a small business owner, you're surrounded by guys who are in similar situations who will hold you accountable to achieving your goals."

David Kincade

"I have a brotherhood of men who help me in my business, family and personal life - I have 10 guys who can check my blind spot at any point."

Greg Phillippe

What's Included With Your ISI Membership



Isolation moves in quickly when you have your head down. There are groups out there that meet once a month, once a quarter or once a year … and that’s fine. But if you want to win in business AND in life - marriage, kids, God, personal growth - you need to be able to move faster than isolation. There’s something unbeatable about being “an open book” with your life, and the best way to do that is to purposefully show up, week after week, in front of your peer advisory group.



Where would we be without the opportunity to meet up in-person, talk face-to-face and take a short break from our daily routine? Every spring and fall, we gather together. There is a live “all hands” event in Nashville, Tennessee, where the entire group meets in one place. But we also take the opportunity to add another 47 hours to the single hour you normally spend with your group. These “platoon” size meetups take place all over the United States and the world. Where there’s a concentration of ISI brothers, a gathering is sure to follow and become a tradition!



Around this world are incredible people you’ll never meet … or will you? Your life and business will grow the most because of who knows you. It’s a member benefit where the sky’s the limit, and it just depends on how far you want to take it. Once you join, you can immediately begin to reach out, introduce yourself and spend time getting to know your new brotherhood. Our members have gone into business partnerships, taken vacations together and formed crucial spiritual alliances. You will search much further, and for much longer, to find the quality of fellowship you’ll find in ISI.



One great thing about being connected to so many incredible people … is how many other incredible people they bring with them! Each month, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to some of the world’s most dynamic, influential and growth-minded people. Where else could you get the opportunity to interact with great men like Seth Godin, John Lee Dumas, John Eldredge, Pete Vargas, Ray Edwards and Michael Hyatt, just to name a few? All of our interviews are archived and available to you as a member exclusive, enabling you to go back and listen to as many as you like, as often as you like.



Leaders are readers. But sometimes, it can be tricky to figure out what to read next. When you’re part of Iron Sharpens Iron, however, you can walk in step with an entire community and go deep on the best business books out there. In another enriching experience, a cross-section of our membership meets monthly to discuss what we’re reading, and how to apply it. In addition to what you learn from the book, you’ll also form new connections with members from other “sub-groups,” and establish rhythms that help you stay in the mindset of constant growth.

Recent Expert Interviews

ISI brings in some of the world's top entrepreneurs to speak with members. Experts do not pitch their products or services. They deliver world-class value, insights, and wisdom.

John Lee Dumas
Author & Podcaster of Entrepreneurs on Fire

Ray Edwards
Copywriter & Podcaster
"The Ray Edwards Show"

Michael Hyatt
Speaker & Bestselling Author "Your Best Year Ever"

John Eldredge
Speaker & Bestselling Author "Wild At Heart"

Plus, These Member Perks

  • Weekly Accountability
High levels of accountability, especially among your personal board of unbiased advisors, builds momentum and confidence. Knowing that you'll be held responsible for your decisions builds stronger relationships, better businesses, and helps you accomplish your goals faster.
  • Tight-Knit Community
Realizing there are business leaders on the same path as you (and that you're not alone) is transformational on many levels. When challenges surface, sometimes it just takes a little encouragement, validation or advice from men who have been through the exact same struggles as you. ISI men share their knowledge and experience with complete transparency and honesty. 
  • Investment Opportunities 
One of the key aspects of a high-performing mastermind is trust between its members. Because ISI men are comfortable being open and honest with their concerns, questions, mistakes and roadblocks, it ultimately creates a collaborative environment which has led to investment opportunities of all sorts (i.e. real estate deals, business investments, startup opportunities, etc.). 

NOTE: Iron Sharpens Iron is NOT for Everyone...

Not everyone has the strength and courage to be held to a higher standard. ISI is only for a special breed of men who share the same goals of becoming better husbands, fathers, and business leaders while supporting other men at different points on the same journey. ISI will give you a safe space for unprecedented growth personally, professionally, and spiritually.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a mastermind group?
It's a group of purpose-driven, goal-focused, action-oriented, entrepreneurial-minded, faith-forward men that dive deep, give honest feedback, and hold each other accountable. It’s your personal board of trusted, unbiased advisors that help you pull back the veil and make meaningful progress. It’s immediate access to proven mentors. It’s your ‘2AM friends’. An ISI Mastermind group gets you out of isolation and gives you the accountability you need to up-level your life. Guaranteed!
  • What areas of life will ISI be of benefit to me?
The mission of ISI is to help ordinary men become extraordinary finding success and significance personally, professionally, relationally, spiritually, and financially.
  • How much does it cost?
$575 per month. If you are thinking seriously of improving your life and business through an ISI mastermind, the sooner you apply the better. Once you apply, your monthly membership investment is locked in. The price has increased 4 times in the recent past and with all the value members are receiving, it is sure to increase again soon. Apply Now and lock it in!
  • What can I expect during weekly meetings?
The scheduled one-hour weekly calls follow a proven format to celebrate wins, challenge and encourage each other. A rotating Man in the Middle, or ‘carving station’ as some groups call it, provides an opportunity to go deep on an individual member’s goal, issue, or another topic of choice.
  • What’s expected of me as a member?
Every ISI mastermind member is expected to have a generous spirit, be growth-minded, have entrepreneurial pursuits, commit to attending weekly calls, and be transparent and vulnerable with your brotherhood.
  • Who will lead my group?
Each group has a life and business seasoned facilitator whose role is to ensure each man is receiving the value promised, giving of themselves, and participating in calls and events.
  • How many men are in a mastermind group?
Your individual group will have up to 10 men that you meet with weekly. Through the directory, online events, and live events you also have access to all the members in other groups to grow your network and opportunities.
  • Which group will I join?
It depends on which groups have openings, when a new group is launching, and/or your own schedule availability. The best group fit for you will be discussed during your interview.
  • How long will it take to get started?
You can expect to be introduced to your group members and begin your weekly meetups typically within 2 to 3 weeks. Once you apply, you’ll choose a 20 minute interview time that works for you. Assuming the interview meets both yours and our expectations we’ll introduce you to your group facilitator. You’ll then receive a few guiding emails and videos sharing all the ‘ins and outs’ of how ISI works and overviews of the tools and resources available to you. 

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